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Anything you dream is possible if you believe in yourself, you’ll receive it. When you dream about what you desire and believe it is yours then only you receive it.

But if you think it will happen just by thinking than you are wrong because you have to put some efforts too, to make that thing attract to you.

You have to apply Law Of Attraction with Law Of Action to make your every dream come true fast.

Secret to stay positive

I have come across to know the answers for being happy and positive person by applying LAW OF ATTRACTION in my life.

From this you can achieve anything you desire. It says that you only have to believe what you desire is already yours by saying affirmations like “I am happy” ,”I am rich” ,” I am positive”, “I am successful”, “I am worthy”, “I am blessed”, “I am grateful”, etc regularly and be grateful to universe for everything you have until now. It’s like universe is a kind of a Jennie who fulfill every desire you want just by saying affirmations, being grateful ,staying positive and happy. You can manifest any desire of yours by simply applying law of attraction in your life.

15 things to do before turning 25

1. Sell artwork

Sell your artwork like painting, handmade jewellery or craft items.

2. Make a blog/ portfolio

Make a blog on Instagram or Facebook other than your personal account to create your portfolio of your interest like in cooking, painting, writing, designing,etc.

3. Take online class

Take online course which you want to learn but for some reason you can’t take in past so just take an online course to get a knowledge on subject as a beginner like in psychology, nutrition, investing, spanish,etc.

4. Learn a skill

Learn a skill like graphic designing, digital marketing, coding, web developer,etc to work as a freelancer before landing a job or just do side hustle with these skills to increase your knowledge and net worth with your job.

5. Do some work

Get an internship in a company or get a job as school teacher or do volunteer work,etcetc to get experience.

6. Travel solo

Friends ain’t going to be forever with you, you have to learn how to book a flight, train ,travel alone to be independent.

7. Learn a new language

learning a new language inhance creativity in person plus to can travel to other place when you learn new language and also you can get a job as an translator.

8. Learn how to budget

Learn how to make budget and start getting out of debts or not get in debts.

9. Learn how to gamble

Just learn to gamble for fun or to test your intuition.

10. Practice meditation

You should start practice meditation in your early tweties for better and peaceful life.

11. Donate blood

Donate blood to help others.

12. Make time to exercise/yoga

Start exercise for fit body and strong bone. By exercising or doing yoga you make your life easygoing.

13. Learn to play instrument

Learn to play instrument like piano, guitar, violin, drums,etc . It enhance your mind creativity, strengthen memory, enchance reading skills, recover brain,etc.

14. Start to invest in quality

Start to invest in quality not in quantity.

15. Love Yourself

Start to give importance to yourself by investing in personal growth then only you can grow in life. Love yourself first only than you can love others .

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